Tesla supercomputer

April 21st, 2009 by Vladimir Katalov

Can you imagine 10,080 processing cores? And how about 40 TFlops? Thanks to NVIDIA Tesla — this is 42 C1060 cards only.

And btw, don’t miss NVidia Promotion: 50% off MSRP on Tesla C1060.

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4 Responses to “Tesla supercomputer”

  1. KARPOLAN says:

    Wait for 10-15 years and your home PC will be faster…

  2. I’d agree. But we cannot afford waiting 10 (well, even 5) years to be able to crack the password to the important document…

  3. KARPOLAN says:

    I prefer wait for 10 years and crack password for a minute (faster computing, holes in algorithm), then brute-force it during 20 years on slow computer 🙂

  4. jhon says:

    Can you provide some operation methods to me reference ? about EDPR+tesla. Because my unit has much of interest to purchase, but don’t know how to use .
    No one has a research in my country!

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