ElcomSoft at it-sa, Nuremberg, Germany

October 14th, 2009 by Katerina Korolkova, PR Director

IT-SA-Expo goes on very well and our presentation at the Technical Forum (Forum Blau) was a success – thanks to Rene Mathes who gave out the presentation and 8com GmbH. The talk was about how one speeds up the hash recovery process with the parallelizing CUDA technology. If you happen to be in Nuremberg, Germany, visit our booth at Hall 6 (Stand 542).

There is also a workshop on hash cracking at the booth of 8com where our software will be featured. It starts today at 11:45.

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Terence Luis Fernandes

recovery sotfware


The software seem amazing but
After download the trial version, I found that it is not able to work on WDE as mentioned.
The software must select a file but WDE is encrypted whole disk. there is no any file for select.

Vladimir Katalov

There is a special utility (included into Distributed Password Recovery and installed with it) called “PGP WDE Extractor”. It whows the list of available partitions and allows you to select the one which uses WDE; then, it extracts the password information from it, and saves to a file that can be further loaded into EDPR.