About this blog

Welcome to ElcomSoft Blog!

Welcome to the newly opened, all-new ElcomSoft Blog! In this blog, we shall be covering various issues in the area of computer security. Windows hacks, weak passwords, security weaknesses of well-known products, electronic identity theft, new attacks and algorithms that help or prevent us from cracking certain passwords, and similar issues will be covered.

You will read about what is going on in our company. Get insider’s view into computer security. Stay tuned with latest crypto-related news and information. Learn about new hardware suitable for password cracking, latest attacks on old crypto-algorithms. Enlighten with tips & tricks, facts & myths. Everything you wanted to know about passwords and encryption, but hesitated to ask will be covered in the new blog.

Sounds just like an ordinary computer-security blog on the net? This time, information is coming right from the source. We make those news. We develop those algorithms, apply hacks and discover weaknesses. We cracked Adobe PDF protection, were sued and won the battle.

Stay tuned!