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Our blog features numerous articles on breaking passwords and accessing encrypted data, ranging from simple “how-to” guides to comprehensive manuals. However, many of the questions we are frequently asked are not about the technical stuff but rather the very basics of password recovery. Can you break that password? Is it legal? How much time do you think it will take to break this one? We do have the answers, but they require digging through the extensive content of our blog. To address this, we’ve created a comprehensive A to Z article that not only answers many common questions but also links to our previous posts.

Low-level extraction enables access to all the data stored in the iOS device. Previously, sideloading the extraction agent for imaging the file system and decrypting keychain required enrolling one’s Apple ID into Apple’s paid Developer Program if one used a Windows or Linux PC. Mac users could utilize a regular, non-developer Apple ID. Today, we are bringing this feature to Windows and Linux editions of iOS Forensic Toolkit.