One More Good Password Pattern Idea

April 25th, 2009 by Katerina Korolkova, PR Director


There’s a great post in Hans Anderson’s blog on secure password patterns and how you can create one. There are at least two things I like about this entry. The first one is the statement that "No password you can remember is unbreakable", this means sooner or later it is broken. The second one is that Hans points out, you should never disclose your password pattern to anyone. I agree that password patterns are awesome but they are still vulnerable to social-engineering-based attacks. By the way, why not share your password pattern ideas in the comments? 😉

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Artem S. Tashkinov
Artem S. Tashkinov

I won’t say if I use this scheme or not, but it’s a very good scheme for creating passwords.

Concatenate several words and put some punctuation marks between them, like


Even though one may think that this scheme is easily cracked consider how many words you can concatenate and how many symbols you can put in between. As a benefit this scheme allows creation of long easily memorizable passwords.

Patterns are a good idea, but that one is too complicated. I pick something simple, like my anniversary 9 August 1995 Numbers are 19950809 Now for the pattern: enter the numbers, but after each one hit the letter below it i.e. 1q 9o 5t etc. Now do it again, but hold the shift key. The anniversary date becomes this password: 1q9o9o5t0p8i0p9o!Q(O(O%T)P*I)P(O Long, strong, easy to remember, easy to type. Also I can write down my passwords and no one will ever able to use them: E-Mail: Mom’s Birthday Bank: My Birthday Facebook: Anniversary