Rumored AMD Phenom II X4 TWKR chips accessible?

July 1st, 2009 by Olga Koksharova
Category: «General», «Hardware»

Not long ago I wrote about AMD’s TWKR when the first rumors reached the media. Now we have more news on that. And the sad one is that TWKR still cannot be purchased in retail and most probably won’t be, at least not the ones from the sought-after 100 exemplars that exist today.

Good one?

Tom’s Hardware and IRONMODS suggest TWO TWKRs to two lucky winners of the contest, rules of the contest described here,2352.html

What’s the challenge? Get most of the TWKR and break current speed records. Challenging enough?

If you belong to the hardcore overclocking community, are obsessed with exploring performance capabilities, or know where to get alternative cooling systems, you have all chances to get AMD’s TWKR. Compared to other AMD’s processors, this one has no thermal limits and so overcklockers can get overheated literally and figuratively. 😉