More reasons to hack your PC

June 2nd, 2009 by Olga Koksharova

Want to get an overall picture of all potential threats to your unprotected pc and how it can be used when hacked? Have a look at the vivid graph drafted by Brian Krebs. It’s not only credit cards and passwords… Hey, Brian says this monstrous list not complete, I wonder if you have something to add? 

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2 Comments on "More reasons to hack your PC"

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i would the password of the computer,his type is fujitsu siemens computer.please

Vladimir Katalov
Vladimir Katalov

Sorry, what kind of password do you mean — may be, set in BIOS? If so, the simplest workaround is just to clear the CMOS memory (and so return it to default state, with emty default password) by removing the battery for short time; alternatively, some motherboards allow to do that by shorting a jumper (see the board manual).

Or if you can boot the computer and just cannot enter BIOS setup (because of the password), I can recommend you the CmosPwd program (btw, it is free).