Now: long-awaited ElcomSoft Password Recovery KIT

October 6th, 2009 by Olga Koksharova

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Our it-friends from Ukraine (KARPOLAN and Dmitry) highly optimized our developing processes and helped us finalize long-awaited Password Recovery KIT. We won’t go deep into technical details, just have a look at rough visualization.

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Hi there… I was searching the internet and asked up and down and nobody could help me. In year 2001 I protected two Microsoft Word files using WinZip and unfortunately I forgot the password which if I better recal was about 64 characters. I wrote to Winzip in order to get help, and they said it is impossible, which I do not believe, because as long as you manage to project a software, you also have the key to unlock it, am I right? So, I tried several programs and in vain. Could anybody help me writing a tutorial on… Read more »
Vladimir Katalov
Vladimir Katalov

In most cases, such (long) passwords cannot be recovered — you have the chance only if the archive is volnerable to known-plaintext attack. I’ll contact you directly (by email) with specific questions regarding your situation.