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22 Responses to “Understanding and Bypassing Reset Protection”

  1. PAt says:


    I downloaded windows 10 on my Lumia phone….I hated it…so I cleared my phone and did a hard restart! But now forgot my email address linked to the phone! Yes I forgot it 🙁 called Microsoft and they wont do a thing for me…phone is not even a year old and now Im locked out completely any advise would be amazing. cheers.

  2. lol says:

    help me plz

  3. john says:


    i used an autoloader to upgrade my blackberry forgot to do a backup and cant remember the username or ID associated with the phone how can i get that info

  4. Lockbypassguy says:

    Android: if your rooted you can download my android tools pro. you then can disable the FRP component in google services. If not rooted you can use realtearm to bypass the google lock screen temporarily.

    • Vladimir Katalov says:

      What tools do you mean — could you please share the link with us?

    • Oleg Afonin says:

      FRP can be also disabled on devices with unlocked bootloaders and/or custom recoveries (TWRP) by erasing the frp partition. This can be done via fastboot as well.

  5. Jennifer says:

    Can you please help me I bought a Samsung Galaxy s7edge an they had done a reset on it an it’s locked by goggle an of course I can’t get him to call me back please help

    • Sorry, we do not have a solution for that.

    • Oleg Afonin says:

      Your best bet would be contacting the phone manufacturer directly by either calling their hotline or filling out the contact form on their Web site. You will need your proof of purchase for them to be able to assist you with the FRP issue.

  6. kevin wiley says:

    I cant remember my device password but i’m able to log into my blackberry protect. Is there a way to remove antitheft or reset my deivce password wihtout wiping it?

    • Unfortunately, no. But if the data on the device is very valuable, it can be extracted using “chip-off” method, which seems to be the only way (though expensive) for locked BlackBerry 10 devices.

  7. Mandi says:

    Stuck on initial startup software update
    Hi!, its me again Miss learning as I go, so I lost !y phone and I used PC to log into Android device manager and erased my phone, (Alcatel flint) oh and it was rooted. I got my phone back and when do the whole initial google startup I get to software update and its still doing that. The crazy thing is that I still get text and calls and once I received the first ones that left the messaging app and call open and hit recent app key and I can send text or I can hit the notifaction on the lock screen.home key doesn’t work and back sends me to the update agn…….I was able to go thru pull down motivation bar and get to settings. Added my google acct that way but I still get google play services not supported on this device contact manufacturing….. HELP is it possible to bypass it

  8. Dee Martinez says:

    Bought a used phone and checked imei number says not stolen. They did a factory reset, when I did setup is said password was reset. I waited over 24hrs like it said still didn’t setup. Please help, did I waste my money?

    • Oleg Afonin says:


      I’m sorry, but we don’t provide technical support for Android issues. Neither can we do FRP unlock of your device. Your best bet would be contacting the phone manufacturer directly by either calling their hotline or filling out the contact form on their Web site. Sorry I couldn’t help you more.

  9. kevine says:

    am a phone technician,i hard reset a nokia lumia 640 LTE due to low memory and now the phone is asking for reset protection key which the owner can not recall any thing and now he is on my neck please i need help