Intel Larrabee, AMD Llano: when?

June 23rd, 2009 by Vladimir Katalov

According to NordicHardware, Sapphire Or Zotac Might Launch Larrabee. No further information on Larrabee yet, though; as we already wrote, the Larrabee lauch date is set to 2010. The only news from Intel so far is about i3, i5, i7 CPU naming system: Lynnfield, Clarksfield, Arrandale, Clarkdale; besides, Intel plans shipments of 32nm ‘Clarkdale’ in Q4.

What about ATI? Nothing really new so far; but here is some info on Llano chip; also, in AMD blog, and at Tom’s Hardware: ATI Stream: Finally, CUDA Has Competition.

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Interesting read.

I’m glad to find that ATI has finally leaked information on something that can match NVidia’s CUDA. With NVidia upgrading to DX10.1 on all GT200 series GPUs, it will be extremely difficult for ATI to keep up with NVidia GPU’s awe-inspiring performance.

I’m extremely interested to see how Larrabee will do against AMD and NVidia. Now, it won’t be just AMD vs NVidia, it’ll be AMD vs NVidia vs Intel. It’ll be a three-way all-out death match.